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Gears of War Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 theme based on Gears of Wars





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Action game lovers know that Gears of Wars has meant a revolution for XBOX360 and for action games themselves. Gears of Wars has been a mirror where to look at for new generation action game developers.

The game has a lot of fans, online matches are always full of gamers shooting hundreds of bullets and killing Locust.

Now Gears of Wars Windows 7 Theme bring some stunning images of the game to our new and trendy Windows 7 PC.

This theme combines black, grey and red colors in windows and menus to give your desktop and menus a dynamic flavour.

Furthermore, the theme offers 18 wallpapers based on game images. By that way you'll be able to decorate your desktop with images of your favorite game: Marcus, Dominic, Augustus and the rest of the Delta Squad will be there on your desktop.

If you like Gears of Wars and you are using Windows 7, this theme is perfect for you.
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